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What Is Equality? Ways You Can Improve The World

What Is Equality? Ways You Can Improve the World

What is Equality? Does It Really Matter?

Racial injustice, discrimination, and civil unrest inspire people to engage in activism. Many people wonder how they can make a difference in the fight for equality. Of course, a critical tool in the fight for equality actually comes from educating others and ourselves.

This begins with understanding the basic question: what is equality? How can we teach others about the importance of diversity and fighting for the equal rights of all groups? We cover the basic principles of equality and how you can do your part to make a difference.

Equality Matters

equality forum flagsThe basic question of “what is equality” may seem like something we can all agree on, but in reality, we’re human. People often disagree. Dissent about equality and how to achieve it can commonly be used to divide us.

Equality makes sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to live their life to the fullest. This is regardless of who they love, where they’re from, what gender they are, or whether or not they have a disability.

We all deserve equal rights. However, people don’t all have the same opportunities in life. Plus, certain groups of people are more likely to be discriminated against.

For example, a gay person won’t be treated equally to a straight person in a homophobic society. Additionally, a black person won’t be treated the same as a white person in a racist society. Equality requires us to recognize and correct inherent biases in order to provide equal opportunity for all.

Laws for Equal Rights

hand reaching, glass ceilingLaws maintain equal society, addressing the risks of inherent bias and discrimination. Changing hearts and minds will come over time. Until then, certain groups need legal protection to prevent discrimination.

The Equal Pay Act of 1970 and the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 have both gone a long way towards fighting for equality in the workplace. We still have a ways to go to bridge the gender pay gap and reduce trans and racial discrimination.

Where We Are Today

Black Lives Matter rallyThankfully, many groups have fight for social equity, from the NAACP to the ACLU. A great way to fight for a more equal society is to volunteer for one of these groups. Take an active role in fighting discrimination!

Education can change hearts and minds one person at a time. Meaningful discussions about equal rights with friends and loved ones can show other people a new perspective. Fighting for equality provides a better life for ourselves, each other, and for planet Earth.

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