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As my skin ages, I’ve needed to nourish my skin with healthier lotion. GiveBody is just what I’ve been looking for. As a bonus, it’s great to find a company as conscientious about their ingredients as they are about their packaging.

My skin has never been softer, smoother or firmer. GiveBody leaves my skin hydrated from shower to shower. I find these products to be more effective than the higher cost, nationally known products I used in the past.

Nothing worked for long on my sensitive skin until GiveBody. It’s light enough that my skin feels clean and rich enough that it feels smooth. It’s also making my skin nicer over time. (Either that or I stopped aging. But I probably haven’t.)

I feel as though I’m feeding my skin using GiveBody lotions. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in texture. I won’t use another product on my face and neck. Nothing else makes my skin feel so soft and healthy.

I don’t go for a lot of products because I can’t stand all of the plastic waste. But I thought I’d give GiveBody a shot because of their dedication to the environment. I’ve had itchy winter skin my whole life. Not anymore.

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