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Ways Sustainable Innovation Results In A Fantastic Future

Ways Sustainable Innovation Results in a Fantastic Future

With climate change and the environmental crisis hitting a breaking point, there’s been more of a push than ever towards sustainability. This push has led to countless innovations in the way businesses operate and make their products. Sustainable innovation includes anything from developing an environmentally-friendly face cream to shifting towards using renewable resources in manufacturing. In order to encourage this move towards sustainability, it’s up to us as customers to support companies that develop sustainable products or processes.

How Sustainability Leads To Innovation

sustainable innovations, personal care itemsThe sad reality is that almost every business is in it solely for the money. After all, who’s going to spend the time and money to search for a sustainable alternative to using coal when it’s cheap and available?

Because of the increasing public desire for “green products” that have a smaller carbon footprint, companies are finally starting to respond.

Companies from every industry are pushing for sustainable innovation to make products that work even better while reducing their environmental impact. As consumers, we should all support sustainability efforts.

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Supporting Sustainable Innovation

What Products To Look For

In order to promote sustainable innovation, consumers have to support businesses that create environmentally-friendly products. These include skincare products that use organic, natural ingredients that are either certified or are clearly identifiable as being natural.

You’ll also want to choose oils and lotions that are free from palm oil, non-toxic, and preferably vegan and cruelty-free.

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What To Look For Behind The Scenes

Sustainable innovation is about much more than just the product itself, however. How the product you buy is manufactured and packaged can play just as big a role as what goes into the product itself. Support companies that use plastic-free or biodegradable packaging.

You can also support companies with a sustainable supply chain that don’t depend on fossil fuels for manufacturing or transportation. Even a commitment to telecommuting is an excellent example of sustainable innovation within a company that reduces transportation pollution.

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Sustainable Innovation Examples

Plenty of companies are reaching out to the community to develop sustainable innovation initiatives in a creative way.

L’Oreál announced a worldwide competition for college students that challenged them to eliminate plastic from the beauty industry.

There’s also a new online tool being developed called Circulytics, which is meant to help businesses transition to a circular economy. Companies ranging from the beauty packaging supplier Aptar to specialty chemical companies such as DSM, BASF, and Solvay are supporting this new tool.

Sustainable Innovation: Good For Business And For The Earth

Innovation leads to new advances that can have a tremendous effect on the way we do things. If we want to make a dent in the environmental damage that humanity is doing, we have to start getting creative. By supporting companies that embrace sustainable innovation, we can send a message to every company that sustainability is a priority. From choosing moisturizers with all-natural ingredients to buying products shipped in plastic-free packaging, it’s up to us to make the push for sustainability.

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