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Surprising Secrets Of The Best Marine Skincare

Surprising Secrets of the Best Marine Skincare

Secrets of the Best in Marine Skincare

The world’s oceans are vast and largely unexplored, but even the small sliver we’ve seen contains an incredible amount of biodiversity. The oceans are teeming with plant life and minerals that are already making their way into beauty products and marine skincare. The same microorganisms that keep the oceans healthy and produce most of the world’s oxygen have some very potent beauty benefits you may not know about.

You’re probably already familiar with seaweed wraps and fish oil supplements. However, those just scratch the surface of what’s possible with marine skincare. More and more people are realizing that it’s easy to incorporate marine skincare products like algae, seaweed, and even kelp into their skincare routine. And the benefits are incredible.

Algae and Marine Skincare

One of the most promising marine skincare ingredients is algae. These abundant microscopic, single-cell organisms support ocean life and produce oxygen. Algae has many benefits for skincare as well. There are several varieties of microscopic algae, including red, green, and brown. All of the varieties of microscopic algae are incredibly hydrating, and even help your skin retain moisture! Algae also has powerful antioxidant properties that can cut down on lines and wrinkles.

But perhaps just as importantly, algae is a very sustainable marine skincare ingredient. The ocean produces vast amounts of algae, and even with regular harvesting, it would be difficult to hamper its growth. Algae can double in amount in just a few hours! That makes it one of the most promising marine skincare ingredients for sustainable production on a larger scale.

secrets best marine skincare microalgae

Microscopic view of a marine algae | Satellite view of a Baltic Sea algae bloom

Marine Skincare with Kelp Oil

While many skincare manufacturers classify kelp as a “macroalgae,” its benefits are worth singling out. If you’ve ever swam in the ocean, you’ve probably come across this stringy seaweed. You might not have known you were looking at a skincare powerhouse! Kelp is absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals. Kelp can help balance and regulate moisture levels and leave your skin glowing.

Looking to get a concentrated dose of sea kelp’s benefits? Seek out extracted sea kelp oil. Lotions, serums, and shampoos incorporating sea kelp can provide protective, nourishing minerals. Kelp can infuse both hair and skin with proteins and amino acids. This leaves skin looking youthful and hair strong and satiny.

secrets best marine skincare, kelp

Giant Kelp thriving in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast

Seaweed: Marine Skincare’s Worst-Kept Secret

It’s hard to talk about marine skincare without mentioning seaweed. Varieties of seaweed like Irish moss, rockweed (Fucus vesiculosus), and sea lettuce are also categorized as macroalgae. They have a much longer history of being used in skincare products and routines. More consumers are incorporating microalgae and sea kelp oil into their skincare and beauty routines. Spas around the world have been offering seaweed wraps that helped soothe, protect, and nourish skin for years. Seaweed has been used for skincare in many Asian countries, including Korea and Japan, for centuries.

secrets_best marine skincare, seaweed

Irish moss, rockweed (Fucus vesiculosus), and sea lettuce

Like many marine skincare ingredients, seaweed provides incredible hydration and anti-aging effects. Also, some varieties can reduce acne and the appearance of psoriasis and rosacea. In addition, research has shown that some seaweed varieties can stimulate cell turnover. This is the natural process for eliminating dead skin cells and creating healthy new ones. Increased cell turnover can potentially reduce sun damage and give your skin an even tone.

Benefits of Marine Skincare

Much like the ocean itself, we’ve barely explored the full range of marine skincare ingredients and benefits. Countless more species of seaweed and algae will likely benefit our skin, hair, and bodies. These organisms are some of the most sustainable skincare ingredients in the world. Therefore, marine life may hold the key to making skincare healthy for both our bodies and the planet.

Main Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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