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Small Business Sustainability Success Makes Dollars & Sense

Small Business Sustainability Success Makes Dollars & Sense

Small Business Sustainability Success

Small business sustainability success is rapidly impacting markets. Recently, the term “sustainable business” didn’t even exist. At least, not in making eco-friendly, earth conscious decisions about products and business practices. Consumers now buy more green and eco-friendly products. In turn, sustainable business practices are booming. Whether you call them eco-entrepreneurs or green business leaders, small business owners are leading the way in sustainability.

There are many reasons for small business sustainability success. As entrepreneurs start their own companies, they’re more aware than ever of the current state of the climate. They’ve seen what decades of rampant pollution and disregard for the planet have done. New leaders are prioritizing sustainable business practices into their products and the way they do business.

The Disruption of Small Business Sustainability Success

It’s easy to see how small business sustainability success is changing the consumer market. Just think of your last trip to the grocery store. Just a few years ago, natural and organic foods were stuck in one tiny section. Now they’re everywhere. But that’s just the beginning.

Exciting Examples of Small Business Sustainability Success

small business sustainability success, water bottles

1 |   Bottled Water

We all know that reusable water bottles cut down on wasteful bottled water. In Yakima, Washington, a company called Liberty Bottleworks is taking things a step further. They manufacture their recycled metal water bottles in a zero-waste facility, treat their own waste water, and employ US-based workers and suppliers.

small business sustainability success, commercial laundry

2 |   Commercial Laundry

Wash Cycle Laundry is changing the way customers and businesses do laundry in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston. Not only do they pick up laundry by bicycle, but they also use high-efficiency machines and EPA-certified detergents. Wash Cycle Laundry has already created over 50 jobs for vulnerable adults!

small business sustainability success, beverage packaging

3 |   Beer Packaging

In Florida, Saltwater Brewery has decided to tackle the problem of six-pack rings that can cause terrible trouble for wildlife. They’ve developed edible, biodegradable six-pack rings made from by-products of the brewing process! Another group, e6pr, is working to scale similar technology for wider distribution.

As you can see, sustainable business is not only about the environment, but also about much more than that. Eco-friendly businesses are investing in their communities, creating jobs while tackling wasteful practices across industries. And they’re starting to impact other industries as well.

The Broader Impact of Small Business Sustainability Success

Small business sustainability success goes beyond products. Think about what goes into running a business, from office space to shipping and supplies. Eco-friendly businesses are also finding ways to cut down on wasteful practices, and other industries are starting to take notice.

small business sustainability success, office materials

1 |   Office Materials

Office supplies and furniture are major sources of waste. Over four million disposable pens are thrown away every year in the U.S. And 17 billion pounds of office furniture and fixtures end up in a landfill every year. Thankfully, a few companies are now finding ways to recycle that old office furniture in ways that benefit local communities.

small business sustainability success, packaging

2 |   Office Shipping

While the switch to digital has already cut down on some paper waste from envelopes and printed memos, shipping companies are now focusing on reducing their impact on the planet. More efficient delivery processes, green packaging materials, and less plastic packaging are all moves in the right direction.

small business sustainability success, office telecommuting

3 |   Office Commuting

Offices themselves can be very wasteful. They use a ton of electricity and consume resources to heat and cool rooms that are often unoccupied. Many sustainable businesses are looking toward telecommuting to cut down on large offices. Plus, this keeps cars off the road, lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Company Helps Find New Use for Old Office Furniture

With sustainable business practices and products growing in number every year, we’re at the start of a green business boom. Not only are companies producing innovative and impressive eco-friendly products, but the companies that supply those businesses are following suit.

As more industries realize that sustainable business practices can support the environment, communities, and the bottom line, this trend is only going to continue.

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