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Self-care Ideas That Will Surprise And Delight

Self-care ideas that will surprise and delight

Self-Care Ideas to Tap into Your Inner-Child

When thinking of self-care ideas, one of two images usually comes to mind. The first is something practical yet bland, like scheduling your yearly physical (shoot, is it June already?). The other is something more indulgent yet ultimately harmful, like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and crying at old episodes of The Golden Girls. However, there are plenty of self-care ideas out there that can leave you feeling healthy and refreshed.

Four Fantastic Self-Care Ideas:

1 |  Take Yourself On A Date

self-care ideas, bubble bath duckieWho says you need a partner to go out and have a good time? Nothing says “self-care” like splurging on a romantic evening for one. As far as self-care ideas go, taking yourself out to a fancy dinner and a moonlit walk on the beach is about as indulgent as it gets. Looking for a stay-at-home date to maintain social distancing? There’s nothing stopping you from ordering takeout, lighting a few candles, and slipping into a hot bubble bath with your favorite Jodi Picoult novel.

2 |  Start A Daily Journal

self-care ideas, journals“Dear Diary: I’m bored out of my mind. When will this quarantine end?” Seriously though, writing is a great self-care idea that can help stimulate your creativity. Many artists find themselves feeling blocked, whether you’re a painter, an actor, or you just like taking pictures of wildlife in the backyard (like my mother). Write out a couple of pages of stream-of-consciousness thinking. You can better work out your thoughts and find out what’s blocking you.

4 |  Try A New Art Form

self-care ideas, watercolor paintingMost people have a specific vein of creativity that they prefer. Some people love watercolors, some people like making scrapbooks, and some people can papier-mâché like nobody’s business. Try switching it up and doing something artistic that you’ve never done before. Buy a book on sketching and learn how to draw. The point of these self-care ideas is to get out of your comfort zone and be creative without judgment.

3 |  Buy Something You Don’t Need

self-care ideas, antique toyYes, shopping can be an addiction, but buying things we don’t need is just a part of being human. Some self-care ideas help you be gentle and rewarding with yourself. Lord knows we spend most of our time denying ourselves the greater pleasures of life. Try buying something you’ve always wanted, but told yourself you shouldn’t waste your money on. A purchase as simple as a pair of cute overalls can be enough to feed the idea in your mind that you’re worth spending money on.

Practice New Self-Care Ideas Every Day

Self-care ideas don’t have to be limited to once a week or every time you feel burned out. You can do any of these self-care ideas anytime you want to be more playful and less serious. You may be surprised at the different rewards you can get the more you put yourself first!

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