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The Latest Green Technology Changing Your World

The Latest Green Technology Changing Your World

What’s the Latest Green Technology?

Emerging technologies have already had a major impact on the way we live, work, and utilize our public spaces. However, it’s easy to take the latest green technology for granted. After all, most of us interact with these technologies once they’re already in place. We may not even be aware of the types of green design that goes into various products or projects. But the latest green technology is everywhere.

Chances are, you’ve benefited from some of these technologies without even knowing it. Maybe your electric provider is finding new ways to tap into renewable resources, for example. And the farmers and food producers are finding ways to use the latest green technology in ways that might surprise you.

The Latest Green Technology in Energy Production

Energy production is one of the most resource-intensive processes in the world. It can have a huge impact on the planet. We’ve been talking about adding renewable resources into our power grids and homes for years. And yet the fossil fuel industry has been arguing against, saying it’s too expensive. But that’s just not true anymore. Thanks to the latest green technology we’re seeing advancements in renewable energy:

1 |  Tidal Power

tidal turbinesHydroelectric power is nothing new. We’ve been building dams to harness the power of rivers and waterfalls for decades. Tidal energy takes the principles behind those dams and uses them in a way that has much less of a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Turbines beneath the surface of the ocean could replace the energy from half of the world’s coal-powered plants by 2050, with little impact on marine ecosystems.

2 |  Wind Turbines

Wind power could be a big player in power generation. However, implementing the technology has hit some hurdles. Those enormous turbines can harm animals, and areas with slower-moving wind can’t generate enough energy to meet demand. But there are many innovative turbine designs in the works, from high-altitude turbines, ones without blades, and low-speed models.

3 |  Artificial Photosynthesis

photosynthesis solar panelsSolar panels are in relatively wide use, but scientists are developing models inspired by plant life. Artificial photosynthesis replicates the process that plants use to gather and store energy from the sun in order to make solar power more reliable–even when the sun isn’t shining. Plus, artificial photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, cleaning our air while generating energy.

Green Energy Is Becoming Evermore Competitive

It’s also worth noting that the latest green technologies are driving costs further and further down. That means we’re very close to reaching the point where green energy production isn’t just more efficient than fossil fuels, but also cheaper.

The Latest Green Technology in the Food Industry

There has also been a major shift toward renewable and sustainable food systems in the past few years. Eating locally, cutting down on processed foods, and buying organic have all seen widespread adoption in the past two decades, and that trend is only going to continue. But green technology is also revolutionizing the way that food makes it onto the shelves and into our homes:

1 |  Vertical Farming

indoor vertical farmingOne of the biggest challenges facing the world is how to provide enough food for a growing population, and much of the latest green technology is looking up. Vertical farming uses a variety of innovative methods such as hydroponics and LED lighting to grow more food using less land. In fact, vertical farming works incredibly well indoors.

2 |  Food Waste

food waste compostingWhat do we do with all of the scraps, uneaten food, and by-products of food processing? There are many new innovations in transforming food waste to usable products, whether it’s through more accessible and user-friendly composting systems or programs to feed spent grains from beer brewing processes into animal feed.

3 |  Biodiversity Programs

crop biodiversity field testingWith GMOs like Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” seeds pushing out seed-saving and mass food production limiting the number of available fruit and vegetable varieties, a collapse in the food system is becoming more likely. Oddly enough, genetic modification is the latest green technology working to increase biodiversity as the scientific community realizes that monolithic food culture may spell disaster.

Agricultural Innovation Will Feed Our Future

Innovative technology and improved practices are preparing us for a more crowded earth by ensuring that we can meet the food needs of 10 billion people. And it’s increasingly likely that some of the items on your dinner plate came from the latest green technology in agriculture.

Green Technology Could Help Save Our Planet

As you can see, the latest green technology is everywhere around you. As more and more people realize the benefits of eco-friendly products and design, these technologies will become even bigger parts of our lives. And the green technologies that emerge from the steps we’re taking today could very well save the planet.

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Main article photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

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