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Cute Green Fashion Brands For Any Budget

Cute Green Fashion Brands For Any Budget

Green Fashion for All

The world is beginning to embrace the science behind climate change and the need for sustainability. The fashion industry is joining suit, with green fashion brands popping up left and right that use organic and eco-friendly fabrics. True to form, many of these green fashion brands are just as pricey and out of reach as their non-sustainable alternatives (but they at least employ fair labor practices!)

However, there are several green fashion brands that are both affordable and sustainable. These green fashion brands will give your wallet a break on your quest for ethical consumption (and that perfect men’s romper).

Alternative Apparel

green fashion brands, Alternative Apparel long sleeve hoodieAlternative Apparel treats its employees just as well as its customers. This green fashion brand offers competitive prices for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

They also give their employees fair wages and safe working conditions. Buy yourself an eco-fleece holiday sweatshirt or zip hoodie and enjoy the feeling of being cozy, guilt-free.


green fashion brands, boody underwearThis green fashion brand makes all of its clothes using organically grown bamboo. All the bamboo Boody uses is free from chemical pesticides, which means their clothes are soft and breathable.

Boody further embraces green fashion with their Giving Bracelet, in which 100% of the proceeds go to Goodbye Malaria and the Relate Organization.


eco-friendly fashion brands, zip pull overPact stands apart as a green fashion brand that’s both organic and long-lasting. They sell clothes for both kids and adults at super competitive prices, and they’re all made fair trade and with organic cotton.

Pact is very forgiving when it comes to returns, so feel free to pick up matching pairs of wide-leg sweatpants for your whole family (they’ll be sure to thank you!)

Happy Earth

Happy Earth brand t-shirtHappy Earth uses sustainable materials for all of their items, from their organic t-shirts to their recycled and recyclable packaging. Whether you’re buying their organic cotton beanie or a pair of plant-based leggings, Happy Earth uses your money to give back to the earth.

You can rest easy knowing your green fashion purchase played a part in planting a tree or removing trash from nature.

Rent the Runway

pale, blond model wearing blackRenting clothes is the best way to avoid being an outfit repeater whilst still shopping sustainably. Rent the Runway allows you to rent an outfit for a special occasion, with them sending you the garment in a reusable bag.

They also dry clean their products responsibly, making this green fashion brand high fashion/low carbon footprint. Check out their different membership options to find a plan that works for you.

Green Fashion: Sustainable Clothing For A Fabulous You

Yes, clothing is what sets us apart from the animals. But that doesn’t mean we need to destroy their home (and ours) in order to wear something cute. Eco-friendly fashion is taking off as more and more brands realize that sustainability is the most fashionable choice of all. If you’re looking for a new outfit and you’re interested in green fashion, you’ll be sure to find something to love from one of these brands. And if you’re curious about what to look for with regards to fabrics, check out our list of the best eco-friendly fabrics.

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