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Affordable, Ethical Clothing Brands You’ll Love

Affordable, Ethical Clothing Brands You’ll Love

Your Soon-To-Be Favorite Ethical Clothing Brands

Let’s face it: it’s tough to make the sustainable choice when bottom-dollar thrift store finds can be a lot easier on the wallet. But not all ethical clothing brands have to cost you an arm, a leg, and your first-born son. There are plenty of ethical clothing brands out there with affordable options that aren’t completely hideous—in fact, you might be surprised at the cute ethical clothing options out there!

4 Ethical Clothing Companies Worth Supporting

Made Trade

ethical clothing, cute guy wearing printed shirtIf you’re looking for ethical clothing that’s cute, affordable, and made in the USA, look no further. Made Trade only sells products that adhere to at least one of the following standards: sustainable, fair trade, vegan, heritage, or made in the USA. They’ll identify with a symbol which standard each of their products meets so that you can shop based on which values are the most important to you.

Made Trade have plenty of longline tees and button downs in cute patterns for affordable prices. You can strut your post-pandemic outfit free of guilt with any of these ethical clothing designs.


ethical clothing, handsome man wearing hoodieThere’s nothing more comfortable for streaming endless television in quarantine than a soft, fitted tee and a pair of joggers. If you’re looking for an affordable organic brand that emphasizes comfort without sacrificing fashion, Pact is the perfect choice.

From their organic cotton sweat shorts to soft polo shirts, Pact is an ethical clothing brand that proves you don’t have to break the bank to buy organic clothing.


hemp underwear by WAMAIt might not be Andrew Christian, but it sure as hell is sustainable. The ethical clothing brand WAMA has some pretty cute underwear made out of hemp. Whether you’re a hemp boxers, hemp briefs, or hemp trunks kind of a person, you’ll find a pair of underwear that’s both cute and sustainable.

Not only does WAMA underwear use breathable and anti-bacterial hemp for its comfortable underwear, but it also ensures that the factories it works with pay its employees fair wages and maintain a quality working environment.

Conscious Step

ethical clothing, organic cotton socks by Conscious StepFirst, socks might just be the most underrated fashion accessory. Second, if you buy socks from the ethical clothing brand Conscious Step, you donate directly to a non-profit to fund efforts such as protecting the sharks or providing relief kits.

Not only does Conscious Step offer insanely cute designs (the sharks!), but they also make all of their socks from organic cotton. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a birthday gift for your cousin (who really is impossible to buy for, by the way), you’ll love these affordable socks.

Ethical Clothing Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Yes, it’s often true that the environmentally friendly choice is the more expensive one. But that isn’t always the case—you can find plenty of affordable ethical clothing brands if you’re willing to put in the time to do a little digging. And while you’re feeling motivated to make the sustainable choice, you can check out some natural products for skin hydration to help keep your skin just as soft as your clothes.

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