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4 Fierce Eco-Friendly Houses To Improve The World

4 Fierce Eco-Friendly Houses to Improve the World

Inspirational Eco-Friendly Houses

Millions of people across the world commit to eco-friendly living. People wake up to realize that our choices impact the planet’s future. Architects and innovators make countless ways for individuals to cut down their own carbon footprint. The results simply stun! Today we’re celebrating 4 types of eco-friendly houses that are trailblazing the way to a greener tomorrow.

1 |  Tiny Houses

tiny houseThe first on our list of eco-friendly houses are tiny houses! If you’ve ever gone down a Youtube rabbit hole, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the Tiny-house movement. Tiny houses consolidate the bathroom, kitchen, living space, storage, and bedroom into a tiny 400sq/ft or less. Some are as tiny as 80sq/ft. For reference, 80 sq/ft covers the size of two standard pool tables.

Not everyone joined the movement strictly for the environment. However, tiny houses provide many eco-friendly perks. The smaller a house is, the less water, heating, and electricity it needs. Additionally, many tiny houses are pre-fabricated meaning they’re built offsite. Architects use only the materials actually needed, significantly reducing construction waste.

Many owners of tiny houses go the extra mile by collecting rainwater, installing solar panels on the roof, using fire stoves for heating, and growing their own food.

2 |  Ecocapsules

EcocapsuleEcocapsules were created by a small team of dedicated environmental architects and designers in Slovakia to take eco-friendly houses to the next level. Designed to be totally self-sustainable, these eco-capsules ship around the world, offering easy transport for travelers.

The original Ecocapsule offers solar panels and a wind turbine, providing its own built-in renewable energy. Additionally, rain collectors and a filtration system give sustainable water. No more electricity, gas, or water bills!

It contains desk space, two kitchen burners, a kitchen sink, storage space, a pull-out double bed, and a shower/toilet, all in just 88 sq/ft. Needless to say, the Ecocapsule is the epitome of tiny and eco-friendly houses.

3 |  Green Roofs

sedum green roofThe next on our list of eco-friendly houses are those built with green roofs. Foliage covers the roofs of these houses.

Granted, this alone won’t solve the climate crisis. However, more buildings and houses incorporating green roofs, makes a huge difference! Plus, they install relatively easily.

In addition to providing a habitat for small critters and filtering out CO2, green roofs provide good insulation cutting down the need for central heating and cooling.

Sedum, a type of succulent, is popular for green roofs because it self-pollinates and spreads. It only absorbs CO2 at night, allowing for better water retention. Sedum installs by rollable mats available for purchase. This makes sedum roofs one of the more accessible options for eco-friendly houses. Plus, it looks amazing!

4 |  Earthships

EarthshipSimilar to the ecocapsule, an Earthship is designed to be totally self-sustainable, the perfect eco-friendly house. Originally created by Michael Reynolds, Earthships collect and store their own energy using solar and wind electricity, heating, and cooling.

Built with self-contained sewage systems, as well as water filtration and storage, Earthships allow all food to be grown in-house. Constructed using 100% recycled or natural materials native to their environment, they help protect the planet.

Inspired by a spaceship, these houses provide everything people need within the ship. Earthship aim to do this. If you decide to build or move into an Earthship, know that you never need to leave the house or pay a bill again!

Eco-Friendly Houses Inspire Change

While these eco-friendly houses are certainly inspiring, most people aren’t able to leave society behind to live in a self-sustainable, off-the-grid capsule or ship. But even if we aren’t able to go to the extremes like these 4 eco-friendly houses, the small steps we do take make a big difference. From being more conscious of water and electricity use, to switching to an all natural moisturizer, no change is too small to be important.

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