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Human Rights Activists, Peaceful Vista At Sunrise With Bands Of Color

5 Remarkable Human Rights Activists You Need to Know

Human Rights Activists Who Changed the World We've seen a rise of powerful social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too. More people than ever are getting involved in activism and the fight for equality. There have…

Equality And Diversity

What Happens When We Value Equality and Diversity?

Equality and Diversity: Building Blocks For Inclusivity Equality and diversity—they’re the same thing, right? Well, not quite (but good for you for asking the question!). The words equality and diversity get used quite a bit when advocating for greater inclusivity…

Diversity Examples, Person Riding Bike With Blue And Pink Colorful Background

Genuine Diversity Examples to Promote Equality in the World

Supporting a Diverse and Equal World Companies, activists, and politicians from both sides frequently throw around the word diversity as a buzzword. How many times have you heard a clothing or technology brand champion diversity without giving any real diversity…

What Is Equality? Two Women, Black And White Laugh And Embrace

What Is Equality? Ways You Can Improve the World

What is Equality? Does It Really Matter? Racial injustice, discrimination, and civil unrest inspire people to engage in activism. Many people wonder how they can make a difference in the fight for equality. Of course, a critical tool in the…

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