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How To Build A Better All Natural Lotion

How to Build a Better All Natural Lotion

Building a Better All Natural Lotion

We made a wish list of what the perfect everyday moisturizer would be when we were formulating our all natural lotion. Then, somewhere in the process, our wish list became The Ultimate Must Have List. We figured we could only make the best all natural lotion if we were committed to No More Disappointments! (That’s the subtitle to The Ultimate Must Have List.)

GiveBody’s List for the Best All Natural Lotion

We want soft skin. Smooth skin. Tight skin. Hydrated skin! And we don’t think that’s too much for all skin types to ask from an all natural lotion.

  • Hydrate – Of course, the best all natural lotion has to hydrate. And it has to hydrate all skin types (because sometimes even our own skin runs the range in types). We don’t want to have to decide which lotion to pick from day to day or season to season.
  • Protect – It needs to offer long-lasting protection from the elements. Enough is enough. We don’t want to take on any more damage. We know so much about the benefits of so many ingredients that are real, whole, natural (whatever you want to call them).
  • Regenerate – The best all natural lotion has definitely got to be healing / regenerative. We need it to reverse the damage we have. This means it’s smoothing, toning, tightening. It wipes away blemishes and wrinkles. Tall order, we know.
Since GiveBody is absolutely non-compromising about using real ingredients, our all natural lotion won’t ever contain harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates. (Of course.) On our search, we fell in love with seed oils, particularly pomegranate, carrot, and raspberry. (We know. Yum.)

Pomegranate Seed Oil to Reduce Wrinkles

all natural lotion ingredients, pomegranate seed oilThis amazing oil promotes cell regeneration and reduces wrinkles. It also protects against UV rays and attacks free-radicals. Because it’s high in vitamin C, it’s a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. Of course, to go in our all natural lotion, it has to be moisturizing and low on the comedogenic scale. (It’s a 1.) Learn more about Pomegranate seed oil.


Carrot Seed Oil to Refresh Skin

all natural lotion ingredients, carrot seed oilCarrot seed oil has vitamin A, C, and E, so that’s two antioxidants and great hydration. If you’ve ever used carrot seed oil, you know that it smells amazing, a little goes a long way, and it has to be combined. As part of a formula, it repairs cells, protects against new damage, and rejuvenates skin (yep, even sensitive skin). Read more about the benefits of Carrot seed oil.


Raspberry Seed Oil to Protect

all natural lotion ingredients, raspberry seed oilWhile all of these seed oils are good protectors, raspberry seed oil is best known for its anti-aging qualities. It’s got excellent antioxidant properties and a reputation for blocking UV rays. (Don’t ditch your sunscreen, of course.) Since we’ll take all of the UV protection we can get, thank you, we needed this for our all natural lotion. Plus, it smooths skin, soothes acne, reduces inflammation, and does your taxes! Learn a bit more about Raspberry seed oil.

Real Ingredients for a Real All Natural Lotion

Pomegranate, carrots, and raspberry … what, are we making a salad? (You knew this dad joke was coming.) But, yeah, our ingredient list does sound delicious because real ingredients are as good for your outsides as they are for your insides.

And that’s how GiveBody built a better all natural lotion. You can learn a lot more by reading our ultimate guide to the best oils for skin.

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