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sustainable house with green roof

Your Sustainable House in 3 Easy, Wonderful Ways

3 Key Elements of a Sustainable House More and more people choose to live in sustainable houses. But what makes them sustainable? According to Cambridge…

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handsome man outdoors

4 Fantastic Essential Oils for Rosacea You Need to Know

Essential Oils For Rosacea Putting together the perfect skincare routine is a struggle for many. This is due to the simple fact that our skin…

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eco-friendly home in a lush landscape

Make Your Epic Eco-Friendly Home in 5 Achievable Steps

Making an Eco-Friendly Home Living an eco-friendly life doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love and live on a diet of nuts…

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building with eco-friendly green wall

4 Fierce Eco-Friendly Houses to Improve the World

Inspirational Eco-Friendly Houses Millions of people across the world commit to eco-friendly living. People wake up to realize that our choices impact the planet’s future.…

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Asian male model with glowing skin

What are the Best Essential Oils for Glowing Skin?

The Best Essential Oils for Glowing Skin When it comes to skincare, most of us strive to achieve a natural, glowing look. Including essential oils…

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wave of ocean water

Ways Sustainable Innovation Results in a Fantastic Future

With climate change and the environmental crisis hitting a breaking point, there’s been more of a push than ever towards sustainability. This push has led…

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handsome man with grey beard

4 Essential Oils For Scars that will Surprise You

From time to time, we all feel a little self-conscious about our skin. Whether you are dealing with acne, dryness, or scarring, it is important…

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sailboat on water

Sensational Sustainable Materials That’ll Make You Smile

Sustainable Materials: What to Look for From your clothes to your furniture to your choice of skincare products, it’s important to choose products made from…

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essential oils for skin tightening, man overlooking sunrise

4 Essential Oils for Skin Tightening You Are Sure to Love

Essential Oils for Skin Tightening Aging Skin: The Facts As we get older, the way we look changes. One of the most obvious physical differences…

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green fashion brands, middle aged man smiling

Cute Green Fashion Brands For Any Budget

Green Fashion for All The world is beginning to embrace the science behind climate change and the need for sustainability. The fashion industry is joining…

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eco-friendly fabrics, handsome middle aged man smiling

Eco-Friendly Fabrics That Will Revolutionize Your Wardrobe

Fashion and sustainability don’t always go hand-in-hand (after all, how many times do we think Lady Gaga rewore that meat dress?) But sometimes what’s good…

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best body butters, rainforest at sunrise

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Body Butters to Nourish Your Skin

What are Plant-Based Body Butters? If you’re a fan of natural skin care, you’ll love body butters. Packed with lush moisture and protective properties, the…

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what does equality mean, serene evergreen landscape in midst

What Does Equality Mean? How You Can Make a Better World

How to Support a More Equal Society With political division and the fight for racial and gender equality taking center stage, millions of people are…

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seaweed for skin, skincare ingredients, gorgeous ocean wave

Seaweed for Skin: What You Need to Know About Its Benefits

Seaweed for Skin: Your Skin's New Best Friend When you hear the word seaweed, you may think of the green, slimy stuff that you avoid…

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best oils for skin, beautiful natural landscape with waterfall

The Best Oils For Skin: Look For These Skincare Ingredients

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Oils for Skin When shopping for skincare ingredients, you may have heard about the benefits of plant oils. Plant…

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human rights activists, peaceful vista at sunrise with bands of color

5 Remarkable Human Rights Activists You Need to Know

Human Rights Activists Who Changed the World We've seen a rise of powerful social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too. More…

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equality and diversity

What Happens When We Value Equality and Diversity?

Equality and Diversity: Building Blocks For Inclusivity Equality and diversity—they’re the same thing, right? Well, not quite (but good for you for asking the question!).…

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young man with beautiful skin

The Best Plant Oils for Skin Might Blow your Mind

Finding the Best Plant Oils for Skin The world of skincare can be difficult to navigate. With thousands of products on the market, it can…

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diversity examples, person riding bike with blue and pink colorful background

Genuine Diversity Examples to Promote Equality in the World

Supporting a Diverse and Equal World Companies, activists, and politicians from both sides frequently throw around the word diversity as a buzzword. How many times…

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young African man with beautiful skin

4 of the Best Carrier Oils for Skin You’ll Love

Finding the Best Carrier Oils for Skin There are a myriad of commercial products out there that will claim to have all the right properties…

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what does diversity mean, colorful waterfall

What Does Diversity Mean? Fundamentals You Need to Know

We’ve all heard about the importance of diversity, whether it pertains to awards ceremonies like the Oscars or the makeup of the US Senate (both…

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body butter benefits, young man in sauna

Body Butter Benefits: How to get the most amazing results!

Body Butters Benefits Bring Beautiful Results There are many things you can do to take better care of your skin. For example, drink plenty of…

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waterfall mist with rainbow, symbolizing best non-comedogenic oils

The Best Non-Comedogenic Oils for Breathtaking Results

The Best Non-Comedogenic Oils Bring Confidence Being confident is key - and nothing feels better than healthy moisturized, healthy skin. An overload of information in…

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best body butters, handsome man on beach

The Best Body Butters You Have Never Heard of

The Best Body Butters You Need to Know Look for the best body butters in popular personal care products for both skin and hair. There…

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ocean wave breaking, water pollution facts

Water Pollution Facts That Will Make You Want To Take Action

Must-Know Water Pollution Facts to Inspire Change From chemicals to microorganisms, human beings are polluting our oceans, rivers, and estuaries. One of the most devastating…

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What is equality? two women, black and white laugh and embrace

What Is Equality? Ways You Can Improve the World

What is Equality? Does It Really Matter? Racial injustice, discrimination, and civil unrest inspire people to engage in activism. Many people wonder how they can…

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self-care activities, seated man looking at lake

Simple Self-Care Activities That Will Bring Sizable Rewards

Enrich Yourself with these Self-Care Activities To be perfectly honest, this year has been a bit of a mess so far. After all, you know…

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handsome man touching face, facial treatments for men

Inexpensive Facial Treatments for Men with Rich Results

Easy, Effective Facial Treatments for Men Countless facial treatments are marketed towards women. Unfortunately, many for men are subpar products marketed as being “rugged” or…

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clean water vista with mountains

6 Types Of Water Pollution You Need to Know

Tragic Types Of Water Pollution We Must Prevent If it’s a natural gift that provides life and sustenance, chances are that it's being polluted. Everyone…

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ethical clothing, styling man on beach

Affordable, Ethical Clothing Brands You’ll Love

Your Soon-To-Be Favorite Ethical Clothing Brands Let’s face it: it’s tough to make the sustainable choice when bottom-dollar thrift store finds can be a lot…

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self-care ideas, man watching sunset

Self-care ideas that will surprise and delight

Self-Care Ideas to Tap into Your Inner-Child When thinking of self-care ideas, one of two images usually comes to mind. The first is something practical…

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green company initiatives, Patagonia, South America

5 Green Company Initiatives To Make You Cheer

Green Company Purchases Can Help Protect the Planet When furniture shopping with your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend at your local IKEA, probably the last thing on your…

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sustainability examples, man taking a dip in ocean

5 Sustainability Examples To Live Your Best Life

Sustainability Examples to Embrace You don’t have to be a hippie or listen to Fleetwood Mac to live a sustainable life (although it certainly helps).…

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4 Top Self-Care Tips to Stay Sane in a Crazy World

Top Self-Care Tips to Stay Healthy in Tough Times A global crisis is shuttering non-essential businesses, locking us all in our homes, and making us…

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male body with beautiful skin at beach

All-Natural Body Moisturizer For Blow Your Mind Skin

All-Natural Body Moisturizer For a Silky Smooth Feel When we see ads for body wash, the skin always looks exactly the same: smooth, soft, and…

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best all natural lotion for dry skin, young man looking at snow covered mountains

How to Find the Best All-Natural Lotion for Dry Skin

The Best All-Natural Lotion for Dry Skin in Harsh Seasons The holiday season has officially arrived, and with it comes a plethora of things to…

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ocean waves

5 More Crazy Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Ways to Reduce Plastic Use in Simple Ways As we covered in our previous article, we must find ways to reduce plastic use in order…

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reduce plastic pollution, save the Earth

How to Reduce Plastic Pollution in 8 Simple Ways

8 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Plastic Pollution At the heart of the world’s pollution problem is the massive amount of plastic being wasted every…

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very best all-natural lotion ingredients, woman smiling

3 of the Very Best All-Natural Lotion Ingredients

Three of the Best All-Natural Lotion Ingredients Why are the very best all-natural lotion ingredients so important to know? First of all; lotion is essential…

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silhouette of man at sunrise, best all-natural moisturizer ingredients

The Very Best All-Natural Moisturizer Ingredients

The Very Best All-Natural Moisturizer Ingredients Artificial moisturizers can provide short-lived relief from dryness, but can rarely create lasting beneficial impacts on your skin and…

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best natural moisturizers, man touching face

The 3 Best Natural Skin Moisturizers from Powerful Plant Oils

Are These Oils the Best Natural Skin Moisturizers? Maintaining fabulous-looking skin requires using the best natural skin moisturizers. Today, people are learning to embrace their…

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small business sustainability success, new plant shoots

Small Business Sustainability Success Makes Dollars & Sense

Small Business Sustainability Success Small business sustainability success is rapidly impacting markets. Recently, the term “sustainable business” didn’t even exist. At least, not in making…

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sustainability stories, line of live oaks in Charleston, SC

5 Awesome Sustainability Stories to Inspire You

Five Fab Sustainability Stories We’re always on the lookout for sustainability stories about people who are changing their world and saving the planet. We’ve talked…

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build a better all-natural lotion, hand pointed to natural pool of water

How to Build a Better All Natural Lotion

Building a Better All Natural Lotion We made a wish list of what the perfect everyday moisturizer would be when we were formulating our all…

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all natural moisturizers, muscular man in ocean

All Natural Moisturizers to Give Back to Your Body

All Natural Moisturizers to Give Back to Your Body At GiveBody we’re in love with the real ingredients that go into our all natural moisturizers.…

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best natural skin products, hydrating waterfall

Best Natural Products for Skin Hydration

Best Natural Products for Skin to Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate At GiveBody we’re working to combat a lot of things like excessive packaging, plastic waste, harsh…

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best green ideas lagom lifestyle, indoor plants

The Best Green Ideas for a Lagom Lifestyle

Great Green Ideas for a Lagom Lifestyle If you look for green ideas for your home on design blogs or in lifestyle magazines chances are…

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latest green technology changing the world, modern wind turbine lit in a dark sky

The Latest Green Technology Changing Your World

What's the Latest Green Technology? Emerging technologies have already had a major impact on the way we live, work, and utilize our public spaces. However,…

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green technology, outdoor faucet dripping

Exciting Green Technology Improving the World

The Green Technology Shaping the Future Even if you’re making eco-conscious decisions in your day-to-day life, you may wonder about your environmental impact. Can one…

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environmentally-friendly products green plan, hand pushing back foliage

Make Environmentally-Friendly Products Your Green Plan

A Green Plan & Environmentally-Friendly Products Think for a minute of what you do to maintain your health. You eat your veggies. You do an…

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ways sustainable living future, man swimming in nature

4 Silly Simple Ways Sustainable Living Is the Future

Why Sustainable Living Is The Future If you’re focusing on “going green” and finding ways to reduce your environmental impact, you’ve probably come across the…

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7 things to know, essential oils, hands using oil dispenser

7 Things You Need to Know About Essential Oils

7 Essentials on Essential Oils You may already be familiar with some of the benefits of essential oils. And if you’re a skincare aficionado, you…

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best carrier oils for perfect skin, beautiful woman smiling

The Best Carrier Oils Perfect For Skin Care

Carrier Oils Perfect for your Skin We recently took a look at some of our favorite natural oils like avocado and jojoba oil. In that…

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natural oils for best skin, man in winter weather

Natural Oils to Get the Best Skin of Your Life

Using Natural Oils for Best Skin Results While we’ve explored some of our favorite essential oils in a previous article, there are so many more…

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skin health check, man on beach

Skin Health Check: What You Need to Know

Skin Health Check Can Save Your Life Understanding skincare ingredients that you use every day is certainly important. However, an actual skin health check goes…

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best results essential oils, oil dispenser bottle

How to Get the Best Results with Essential Oils

Best Results with Essential Oils In recent years, a growing number of consumers have moved away from products packed with synthetic chemicals. More people consider…

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best plant butters, fit man on beach

The Best Plant Butters to Nourish Skin Beautifully

Skin Nourishing Plant Butters Many of our favorite nourishing skincare products use one or more plant butters to moisturize, soothe, and protect skin. They're are…

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secrets of best marine skincare, ocean wave

Surprising Secrets of the Best Marine Skincare

Secrets of the Best in Marine Skincare The world’s oceans are vast and largely unexplored, but even the small sliver we’ve seen contains an incredible…

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benefits essential oils, lavender plants outdoors

Spotlight: Delightful Benefits of Essential Oils

Understanding the Benefits of Essential Oils If you’ve shopped for all natural skincare products lately, you’ve probably come across essential oils. Increasingly, these concentrates are…

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best skincare results, man's face with water splash

3 Terrific Tips to Get the Best Skincare Results

Tips to Get the Best Skincare Results Most people know how to make the switch to a more natural lifestyle when it comes to food.…

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save world from plastic pollution, beach covered with plastic trash

Wonderful Ways to Save the World from Plastic

Why We Must Save the World from Plastic We’re in the middle of an environmental epidemic. One that is killing our oceans, poisoning our planet,…

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rewards of self-care, guitar outdoors

How to Reap the Surprising Rewards of Self-Care

Reap the Healthy Rewards of Self-Care Chances are, you’ve heard the term self-care much more this year than ever before. More and more people are…

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Big Brand Skincare Scary Secrets, photo of crocodile eye

Big Brand Skincare’s Scary Secrets You Need to Know

Big Brand Skincare's Scary Secrets Multi-national skincare brands have a lot invested in their products. There’s research and development, testing, and marketing to take care…

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long-term benefits of all natural skincare

Long-Term Benefits of All Natural Skincare

Benefits of All Natural Skin Care One of the biggest questions that comes with switching to an all natural skin care routine is: why? What…

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