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How To Find The Best All-Natural Lotion For Dry Skin

How to Find the Best All-Natural Lotion for Dry Skin

The Best All-Natural Lotion for Dry Skin in Harsh Seasons

The holiday season has officially arrived, and with it comes a plethora of things to look forward to. Cozy sweaters, hot drinks, tasty treats, time spent with family, presents. It can also bring cold weather, and inevitably dry skin. Finding healing ingredients in the best all-natural lotion for dry skin is important for comfort and cuddling.

Not only does dry skin feel uncomfortable, causing tightness, itchiness, and even pain; it also has a visible impact. Red, rough, flaky skin doesn’t look good on anyone! The best all-natural lotion for dry skin can properly treat these conditions.

And if you’re relying on big brand moisturizers for dry skin, you’re probably only experiencing temporary relief. In fact, you might even find yourself dependent on more and more frequent usage as the months go on. So instead, look for natural ingredients for real, long-term, highly-effective dryness relief!

Check out some beneficial ingredients found in the best all-natural lotion for dry skin:

1 |   Coconut Oil

coconut oil for dry skinCoconut oil has very high levels of medium-chain fatty acids. And this type of fatty acid is like your skin’s very own fortress!

So when you apply coconut oil, you’re applying a layer of armor that helps maintain your skin’s moisture from the inside and out. Not only that, but coconut oil will help exfoliate: removing your dead, dry skin, and revealing a healthier layer of skin underneath!

2 |   Cranberry Seed Oil

cranberry seed oil for dry skinCranberry seed oil is uniquely suited to help moisturize your skin. Its specific levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids form the perfect ratio for ideal skin absorption. So you know it’s working well.

Vitamin E makes it especially enriching, and high levels of antioxidants work to fight against future dryness! Safe to say, cranberry seed oil has everything it needs to be an ideal ingredient in all-natural lotion for dry skin.

4 |   Evening Primrose Oil

evening primrose oil for dry skinFor Evening Primrose Oil, it’s all about the Omegas. Two different kinds of Omega-6 (Gamma-Lineolic and Lineolic acids) have one mission in mind: amazing moisture for your skin.

Not only do they work to promote skin elasticity and softness, but they also help to keep moisture locked in place. Omega-9 does the same! That’s a trifecta of Omegas working their butts off to fight for your skin.

3 |   Argan Oil

argan oil for dry skinVitamin E and fatty acids combine to make argan oil an excellent all-natural lotion for dry skin in these cold-weather months. Vitamin E brings the moisture up and notch, and the fatty acids build a defense against moisture trying to escape your skin.

Argan oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.

Ingredients in the best all-natural lotion for dry skin

If you want to get scientific, you don’t have to rely specifically on any of these ingredients. Instead, you can simply look for all-natural products that include the precise components that make these ingredients what they are. So, for a quick recap:

Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, Vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids all work to help provide natural, effective, long-lasting moisturization for your skin.

Trust Mother Nature for All-Natural Lotions to Heal Dry Skin

Research is not required. Natural ingredients have the benefit of being designed by nature to do exactly what you need them to. For example, vitamin E keeps plants hydrated, and fatty acids protect important cell membranes in plants. So of course, they’ll do the same for us!

When you trust natural ingredients for moisture, you’re not only trusting science; you’re trusting millions of years of evolution! Sounds like a pretty safe bet, right?

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