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All Natural Moisturizers To Give Back To Your Body

All Natural Moisturizers to Give Back to Your Body

All Natural Moisturizers to Give Back to Your Body

At GiveBody we’re in love with the real ingredients that go into our all natural moisturizers. We’re also into eating foods we can pronounce, so it’s not a big surprise that we’re attracted to all natural ingredients.

When we selected what goes into our all natural moisturizers, here was our thought-process. We eat clean, whole foods. We’re dedicated to putting them in our bodies. So, why not feed the same things to our skin? We want this for ourselves, we want it for you, and we want it for our all natural moisturizers.

What’s more, the natural ingredients we use really pack a punch. They’re like the superfoods of all natural moisturizers. Here are the ones we’re particularly in love with right now.

Heal, Soften, and Protect with Irish Moss

all natural moisturizers, Irish MossWhen we started our research into Irish moss for our all natural moisturizers, we had images of green rolling hills and lush landscapes. But, nope. If you want to see Irish moss in the wild, you’ll have to turn away from the land and look to the sea. Yep, Irish moss is seaweed. (Yum! We love seaweed.)

Seaweed is absolutely packed with minerals. Nutritionists recommend consuming Irish moss for its anti-viral and lubricating properties. It’s not surprising to find out that the healing benefits of Irish moss extend to its topical use. In our all natural moisturizer, Irish moss is hydrating, skin softening, and anti-inflammatory. That means it’s great for all kinds of skin problems from stubborn dryness and eczema to aging and acne.

Get Out of the Sun (Damage) with Green Tea

all natural moisturizer, green teaImagine a beautiful sunny day. You’re enjoying a glass of iced green tea in the shade of your best beach umbrella with a tube of high SPF sunscreen close at hand. This is exactly the thing green tea extract would recommend if it could. But it can’t, so it does the next best thing in our all natural moisturizer; green tea goes to work on healing your sun-damaged skin.

We’re not going to berate you about sunblock. Hey, we all have sun-damaged skin. It’s the price we pay for living. (Like the song says, “Here on earth there’d be no life without the light it gives.”) Even with our best efforts, there’s no avoiding getting at least some damage. While our skin might suffer for it, the sun also makes it possible to grow green tea, a great solution to the damage it does. In our all natural moisturizer, green tea extract soothes, smooths, and improves. (But still, try to stay out of the sun.)

Sun Burn? Mango Butter to the Rescue!

all natural moisturizer, mango butterOkay, so we know we just said stay out of the sun. But there’s no sense in pretending sun burns don’t happen. And that’s where mango butter comes in. This incredible ingredient is a skin saver in our all natural moisturizer. It soothes sun burned skin (and wind burned, for that matter). Mango butter also helps skin that’s been damaged from environmental pollutants.

When your skin gets damaged by sun or pollution, free radicals are created. (Oh, the memories of high school science class.) Free radicals make unstable molecules. If unstable molecules aren’t stabilized, they lead to cell damage. And cell damage to your skin means wrinkles. But the cold-pressed mango butter in our all natural moisturizer gives you a good dose of vitamins C, A, and E (yes, E!) to combat those free radicals before your cells register the damage.

Feed Your Skin the Way You Feed Your Body

These are just a few of the building blocks of our all natural moisturizers. At GiveBody, we’re committed to using real ingredients that nourish your skin the way real foods nourish your body. We’re excited about the benefits they bring to our all natural moisturizers and love sharing our process with you.

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