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5 Sustainability Examples To Live Your Best Life

5 Sustainability Examples To Live Your Best Life

Sustainability Examples to Embrace

You don’t have to be a hippie or listen to Fleetwood Mac to live a sustainable life (although it certainly helps). We can all do our part to reduce pollution and improve the health of the world we live in. All you need are a few sustainability examples to teach you how to reduce waste and give a little bit back to the earth (after all she’s done for you, it’s the least you could do).

5 Fab Sustainability Examples

1 |  Support Local Farms

sustainability examples, support local farmsNot only is the grass-fed pasture raised meat you eat from local farms much more nutritious than factory farmed meat, it’s also infinitely more sustainable.

Small local farms improve livestock and plant diversity, they don’t waste energy transporting the food, and they preserve the local environment and wildlife. When it comes to sustainability examples, supporting local farms is number one on the list.

2 |  Plant Something New

sustainability examples, sedum house plantI know what you’re thinking: “Every houseplant I’ve ever had has died. I’m no gardener!” But the truth is that if you’re looking for sustainability examples, growing your own food is both self-sufficient and gives back to the earth. You don’t need much to grow your own produce.

All you have to do is plant a couple of seeds in a small container on your windowsill or in your backyard. A little bit of effort goes a long way in reducing our dependence on factory-farmed food.

3 |  Skip The Car

person walking on edge of roadTravel is one of the biggest ways that we guzzle fossil fuels. From car rides to cross-country flights, they all consume nonrenewable resources and contribute to pollution.

No one is saying you have to walk to your cousin’s wedding three states over. However, if you can walk to the store two blocks away instead of driving, you’re doing your part to save the planet. Like Nancy Sinatra once said, “These boots are made for walkin’.”

4 |  Ditch The Disposables

sustainability examples, use reusable, metal bottlePlastic water bottles are so 2010. You haven’t hopped on the reusable water bottle bandwagon yet? Then, you’re missing out on their incredibly cute designs.

You’re also contributing to the ever-growing Pacific Garbage Patch of accumulated plastic garbage. (Seriously, it’s an island of floating trash.) Reusable grocery bags, water bottles, and straws are sustainability examples that keep that island from growing any more out of control.

5 |  Choose All-Natural Skincare

You would not believe how much waste there is in the beauty industry. Sure, cocoa butter sounds like the most sustainable thing on the planet, but if you’re choosing products with plastic packaging or without natural ingredients, you’ll end up contributing to plastic pollution.

All-natural skincare products in plastic-free packaging will allow you to look beautiful while still being sustainable. (Although let’s be honest, I know you stopped reading once I said you’d look beautiful.)

Make Daily Sustainability Choices

Living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t limited to the sustainability examples on this list. There are many ways to reduce plastic pollution that don’t interfere with your life in the slightest. All it takes is a little effort to live sustainably, and in return you can rest easy knowing that that plastic floating Trash Island has absolutely nothing to do with you.

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