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5 Green Company Initiatives To Make You Cheer

5 Green Company Initiatives To Make You Cheer

Green Company Purchases Can Help Protect the Planet

When furniture shopping with your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend at your local IKEA, probably the last thing on your mind is how sustainable your new coffee table is going to be. You may not initially think of IKEA as a green company, but it’s one of many with eco-friendly initiatives promoting sustainability. It’s not critical to think about possible relationship red flags while making purchase decisions. However, you should be aware of green company efforts to help protect the planet.

Green Company Options with Eco-friendly Initiatives

If you think supporting a green company is important, just remember what is often SAID, Put your money where your mouth is. Make your purchases matter, by supporting companies who strive toward sustainability. It also creates a nifty acronym, which we think is kind of a cool mnemonic.

S |  Starbucks

green company initiatives, StarbucksSure, a disposable coffee cup does not seem like the best thing for the environment. But Starbucks is creating eco-friendly containers that are much more recyclable and reusable than most disposable cups.

Starbucks buys their coffee exclusively from fair trade and organic coffee farms, supporting coffee growers and planting millions of coffee trees. Starbucks is also a green company that builds energy-efficient stores with minimal environmental impact.

A |  Apple

green company initiatives, Apple iPhone selfieYes, you can enjoy your rose gold iPhone in peace. Apple is an excellent green company with a threefold environmental focus. The company preserves nonrenewable resources, uses safe materials, and reduces their environmental impact.

Apple also created wind and solar farms to power their facilities. This tech giant commits to protecting the future Earth. With great power comes great responsibility. It must strive to positively impact the industry.


IKEA coffee table, green company initiativesYes, you do have to assemble their furniture yourself, but it is produced with eco-friendly materials. This green company also introduced a Group Sustainability Strategy for 2020.

The initiative aims to recycle or incinerated 91% of waste to recover more energy. Plus, IKEA sells products like tap nozzles to help people use less electricity and water, further amplifying the impact of their eco-friendliness.

D |  Disney

Disney rainbow mouse ears hatJust because Disney didn’t create the iconic 1992 environmental musical fantasy film Fern Gully doesn’t mean they aren’t dedicated to supporting the environment.

Disney is a green company that not only promotes zero waste policies, but actually promotes a net positive environmental impact. Considering the fact that Disney is a behemoth in entertainment, their impact as a sustainable company is significant.

P |  Patagonia

Patagonia already made a name for itself as an activist, environmentally friendly company with super cute jackets. But as a green company, it also gives 1% of all its sales to ecological grants and organizations such as the National Forest Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society.

Patagonia encourages its customers to buy and sell their worn clothing. This means you should absolutely make sure you get your boyfriend’s childhood Patagonia sweater after the breakup.

Choose to Support Green Companies

It’s easy to remember to choose the environmentally friendly company over the other one when buying things that have a clear impact on the environment such as food or a new car. But not many people factor in sustainability when shopping for skincare products or choosing what to watch on television.

Every person in the world has an impact on the environment, which means that every business does too. Green companies help minimize that impact and support sustainability through green technology. Support green companies with eco-friendly initiatives and do your part to create a better future.

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